Who is Remi Gardanne?

Hello, and thank you for visiting. My name is Remi Gardanne, I am the author of:

The Love Equation: A Frenchman Reveals the Secret to Lasting Love
Release date June 13th, 2016.

I’m based in Temecula, a beautiful town in Southern California, between Los Angeles and San Diego, although I lived in France and Germany for 28 and 7 years respectively. I spent 20 years in sales in medium size family owned companies working in Europe and North America.

I started working on the book in December 2013 and now, after less than three years, the book is ready to hit the shelves.

The idea to work on this project comes from a conversation in November 2013 with Laura Plumb, a wonderful yoga teacher in San Diego, CA, and founder of Deep Yoga. While sharing my dream of becoming a professional public speaker, Laura challenged me and said, “You’ve got to write a book, and then speak about it!”

The first thought that went through my mind was, “Is this a joke?”

Our discussion went another course and for any reason, I pointed out my best friend was and still is my wife Sophie. Even more so after twenty years of marriage, and that I deliberately chose her like a diamond you’d find in a river and want to keep it preciously.

Laura cut me off and said, “Here you go, this is your book. You tell people why your spouse is your best friend, why you deem being happily married, and share with the world how to achieve a thriving relationship. Ladies here will swoon about your story and suggestions.”

“Yeah, sure. Everyone can write a book on personal relationships!” you might have thought at the time. To be honest, I thought that too … But the discussion with Laura impacted me so much that I decided to take her challenge seriously.

Why not sharing my experience to help others achieve the same … to inspire others to find the one and give them the tools on how to be happy in their relationship?

A month later I started working on the book.

The art of writing is not small matter. But several elements gave me faith into starting this project. The enthusiasm of Laura and my wife’s support both convinced me I could do it. Second, having graduated in 2011 from a master degree in business administration from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, gave me the confidence in the tongue of Shakespeare. And third, being a fervent Toastmasters member for — at the time — two years reinforced my capability of completing the book.

On a more personal note, I love reading. A lot of personal development books, but also novels. It’s hard to give a favorite author or book. Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Bhava Ram, Victor Frankl, Eckhart Tolle are a sample of authors I like on the personal development side; and The Da Vinci Code, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Game trilogy, or older books such as The Call of The Wild or Pride and Prejudice are all books I enjoy on the novel side. It’s very eclectic, from modern to older genre, from fiction to non-fiction.

I’m an author and speaker on relationships, helping and guiding people find and keep their life partner and live together happily ever after. I love to inspire, educate and entertain in person, as well as online!

I’m married for over 20 years and live in Temecula, California, with my wife and two sons. The kids are 13 and 17. Venus, the house cat is the love of the children and my wife. For any reason, the cat likes me a lot. Being French, I enjoy a glass of pinot noir with cheese after the meal, right before dessert. Dessert and cheese are my addiction. I jog on a regular basis (or when I can) and practice yoga every so often.

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Official Bio

 Short bio:

Remi Gardanne is a down-to-earth relationship expert, boot camp instructor, and sought-after public speaker helping men and women find themselves to find The One and lay the foundation to a happy relationship. Remi and his wife Sophie have been married for over twenty years and live in Southern California with their two sons.

Remi has both French and American citizenships and is fluent in three languages and a half.

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I’m always happy to consider speaking engagements, interviews — live, over the phone, video conference — and appearances, as well as speaking to writing / book groups, book bloggers or journalists.