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The Love Equation:

A Frenchman Reveals the 
Secret to Lasting Love

Love Relationships Romance Soul mate
A new book which reveals the love of attraction to ...
  • Find The One. Learn who you really are so that you attract Mr. or Mrs. Right.
  • Build a Deep Relationship. Discover how to be more than best friends and become true romantic partners.
  • Live "Happily Ever After." Master the tools on finding, building, and maintaining a love that lasts.

In this relationship guide, you will learn:


What you need to know about yourself to find and keep the love you deserve.


How to date in a natural way—without using gimmicks.


How to evaluate your long-term compatibility.


Practical ways to give and receive love before and during marriage.

Remi Gardanne - Author Blogger Speaker - Bio

About the Author:

REMI GARDANNE is a relationship coach, boot camp instructor, and speaker helping men and women find themselves to find The One and lay the foundation to a happy marriage. Remi and his wife Sophie have been married for over twenty years and live in Southern California with their two sons.

Love Relationships Romance Soul mate
The Love Equation:

A Frenchman Reveals the Secrets to Lasting Love

"You + Me = Oui"