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The Love Equation:

A Frenchman Reveals the Secret
to Lasting Love

​The new book by Remi Gardanne

If love was an equation, would it be “YOU + ME = OUI”?

More than math, "The Love Equation" reveals the love of attraction to help you find The One. This book also gives every soon-to-be bride and groom the tools for living “happily ever after.”

In this relationship guide, you will learn:

      • What you need to know about yourself to find and keep the love you deserve
      • How to date in a natural way—without using gimmicks
      • How to evaluate your long-term compatibility
      • Practical ways to give and receive love before and during marriage
      • And much more!

Filled with lively anecdotes, refreshing exercises, and timeless insights, "The Love Equation" is a book you must read if you’re in search of long-lasting love and happiness.

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About the Author:

REMI GARDANNE is a relationship coach, boot camp instructor, and speaker helping men and women find themselves to find The One and lay the foundation to a happy marriage. Remi and his wife Sophie have been married for over twenty years and live in Southern California with their two sons.